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Every year, we help 100+ Australians just like you get their dream home.

Australian Kit Homes Has a large range of homes differing in styles and sizes just for you.

The idea of building a home is daunting enough without having to take care of purchasing from hundreds of suppliers, paying architects, having zero assistance and not knowing who to trust. Australian kit homes will make it easy to get your dream home

If you’re building one home or even ten homes a year then you’re probably not going to have the buying power of a group like ours which purchases in excess of 500 homes a year. Our buying power is so strong that we can make a profit and still get you products cheaper than going direct to the supplier.

We don’t keep pre-made houses in stock; we manufacture every home to order. The standard plans range is simply to offer you some ideas and pricing guides to help you make decisions. Remember, when dealing with us you’re not just getting a home supplied with instructions, you’re getting an original, custom designed home at a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. We’ll work with you to design your home from scratch or alter one of our existing designs; it’s all part of the service.

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We supply australia wide and design to suit your area and conditions.